Book Finzean Hall

Booking Charges


The prices shown below are current as of September 2012. Charges are made for each hour or pro rata for each part of hour used. A reduced rate is charged for any setting up period required, for example to set out chairs, prior to the event (see below).

                                    For event                                          Setting up period before event

Small Hall                  £15.00 per hour                                          £  7.50 per hour

Large Hall                £20.00 per hour                                          £10.00 per hour

Whole Hall               £25.00 per hour                                          £12.50 per hour



Whole Day Charge for Whole Venue                                          £600.00

Setting up charge (i.e. the day before the event)                    £12.50 per hour


A deposit will be required at the time of booking to secure the reservation. Details will be provided along with a booking form upon request. Whole day charge includes access to set up from 12 pm the day before and time to tidy up the day after until 12 pm.


Furniture Available

The following furniture is available for the use of hirers of the hall:

Rectangular tables
6 - 8  
Round tables
6 - 8